2023 Board Members

Commodore – Jeff Matusik
Vice Commodore – Jed Runnels
Treasurer – Lori Cooper
Secretary – Shellie Kerman
Rear Commodore – Matt Collins
Board Member – Bill Sights
Board Member – Jim Taschler
Board Member – Seth Spencer
Board Member – Kevin Nelson

Our Contributions

Date (2020-2021)OrganizationAmount
Feb-20Stepping Stone$450
Feb-20LP Pads$150
Mar-20Lake Association$75Lou Galvin
Mar-20Lake Association$50Sandi McWhirther
Jun-20Small Animal Shelter$200
Jun-20Lake Association$150Meeting
Jul-20La Porte HS Coaches$450Coachs Meeting
Aug-20St. Jude$50Debra Williams
Sept-20St. Jude$1,659Golf Outing for Debra Williams
Sept-20Lake Association$150Meeting
Nov-20Center Township$250Food Drive
Dec-20Toys for Tots$500Toy Drive
Dec-20Center Township$1,000Aldi Gift Cards
Feb-21Leukemia Lymphoma Society$150Bella Cummins
Mar-21Fundraiser Bryan Holden$100Gift Certificates
Jul-21Small Animal Shelter$500Monetary Donation
Jul-21Venetian Boat Parade$150Club Rental
Jul-21Venetian Boat Parade$300Music
Jul-21Venetian Boat Parade$50Gift Cert./Hats/Kozie
Sep-21St. Jude$1,600Golf Outing
Sep-21Meals On Wheels$150Practice Trivia Night
Sep-21Lake Association$50Richard McConnell
Oct-21Meals On Wheels$400Annual Trivia Night
Nov-21Center Township$1,00020 – $50 Aldi Gift Cards
Dec-21Toys for Tots$1,000Toys
Dec-21Toys for Tots$100Monetary Donation

Total: $10,634.00

Date (2022-2023)OrganizationAmount
Feb-22St. Vincent de Paul$5003 TV’s
Jun-22LaPorte Small Animal Shelter$500Food/Money
Jun-24VNA Hospice Foundation$550In Memory of Patsy Runnells
Jun-22Emmanual Baptist Temple Vacation Bible School$50Hot Dogs
Jul-31Lake Association$600Venetian Night
Jul-31Lake Association$1203-25 Gift Cert & 3 T-Shirts
Aug-3LaPorte Schools Slicer Champions$940Cash
Jul-27Girl Power 2 Cure – Rett Syndrome$1,945Zoe Adams
Sep-15Meals on Wheels$400Sponsor Table at Trivia Night
Oct-5Meals on Wheels$30Gift Certificate for Trivia Night
Oct-10Lake Association$2,4002000 Walleyes in Pine Lake
Nov-30Center Township Trustee$1,55031 Aldi Gift Cards at 50.0
Dec-5Toys 4 Tots$2,000$100 Cash – Toys
Jan-21Meals On Wheels$290Trivia Night
Jan-12LaPorte High School Coach Meeting$150Club Rental
Mar-17Indiana DNR$275Club Rental & Hot Dogs for 25 people
May-10SWA Coaches Meeting$150Club Rental
Aug-1Beacon Children Foundation$150Christmas in July
Aug-19Girl Power 2 Cure – Rett Syndrome$2,480Zoe Adams
Oct-9Lake Association$2,5003000 Walleyes in Pine Lake

Total: $17,880.00

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