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Commodore Comments
November 2018                                      
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 Ahoy!  The Holiday Season is here and the 2018 is coming to an end.

I need to give a “Big Thank You” to: Mike Singleton, Bill Yoder, Tom Carter, Bob Parker and Jodi Ott for helping with getting the Big Deck winterized this year.    

The Chili cook off was a great success.  Thank you to Bill Yoder and Jed Runnells for hosting this event.  The winners were:

          1st Place       Loretta King

          2nd Place       Mary Hillgli

          3rd Place       Jed Runnells

I am hoping they will do this again next year.

There is a lot going on at the club.  We have received approval from the adjuster
to start rebuilding the kitchen.
  You will be seeing activity real soon.  Please be patient with us during the construction.  There will be evenings during the week and some Fridays, we will not be able to serve dinner.  We don’t have everything scheduled at this time but I will send emails keeping everyone posted. 

I am sure everyone has received their voting ballots.  It was decided it would be easier to mail the ballots and have the ballots mailed back to the club.  Please use the self-stamped addressed blue envelope to return your ballot.  This identifies what mail is a ballot so they will not be opened and placed in a box behind the bar.

The ballots need to be returned to the club by Tuesday, December 11th. 
We have three volunteers that will open the ballots and do the count.
They will present the count to the Board at the December 12
th Board Meeting.

Remember this is our club, anyway you can help,
will help our club to be “A Better Place to Be”.

See you at the Club!

Your Commodore - Lori Cooper
LaPorte Yacht Club