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Commodore Comments
December 2018                                      
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 Happy Holidays!!

The Home for the Holiday’s was a lot of fun!  We raised $575.00 from our
bake sale and raffles.
  Peg Minich-Greene donated another $25.00 to make
our donation $600.00 of Aldi’s Gift Cards to the Center Township Trustee.
Thank you to Verna Wiles for hosting this event and those who participated.
Great Job!!

The Tailgate Party & Toy’s for Tot’s Drive was a big success again this year. 
What was really cool for me, when Toy’s for Tot’s came to pick up the toys,
our Kitchen Contractor was there for the toy pick up.
  His first comment to
me was how Happy the Toy’s for Tot’s people were to see all the toys.
He was very impressed with our turn out.
  His thoughts were “How Cool!” 
Thank you everyone for donating.
  We made a lot of kids Happy for Christmas. 

Over the next few weeks you will see progress being made on the Kitchen. 
The plumber has been in to disconnect the sink and gas lines.
  The Electrician
has been in to disconnect the electric.
  Serv Pro is been in doing the cleaning
and removing of fridges and starting construction. Matt Collins is moving
the wall where the Microwave was to make room for an additional deep fryer.

This is my last commodore letter.  I want say “Thank You” to my board
members Jed Runnells, Jim Greene, Tom Carter, Mike Singleton, Ron Weszley, Brian Kanouse and Associate Member - Peg Minich Greene.
  We have all spent
a lot of our personal time decided this year to the club.
  Thank you and I appreciate your help!  I could not have done it without you.

I have to say “Thank you” to all the members who came out and helped
with events and all of my request through-out the year.
All you have done to help keep this club going means “A lot to me.”

The new 2019 board members are:

Commodore – Ron Weszley

Vice Commodore – Jeff Matusik

Rear Commodore – Larry Reaves

Treasurer – Sandy Allshouse

Secretary – Jerry Craven

Directors: Bill Yoder, Phil Droege, Bill Quick

Past Commodore – Lori Cooper

Please support and give your input to the new board.

Please remember this is your club! 
You make this club what it is and your input is needed.

Remember this is our club, anyway you can help,
will help our club to be “A Better Place to Be”.

See you at the Club!

Your Commodore - Lori Cooper
LaPorte Yacht Club