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Commodore Comments
October 2018                                      
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Ahoy!  Fall is in the air!  I hope everyone is getting winterized; winter will be here before we know it.

The club is in need of bodies to help with getting our docks out.  Becky Whitacre from Small Landscaping is donating a Kubota and Driver to help getting the docks out of the water. 
Where we need help is, once the docks are on shore, moving them around the parking lot and stacking them. We do have furniture movers dolly’s to help with moving.  
We only have the Kubota for Saturday, so we need to get this completed that day.  We will be serving lunch for all helpers.

I am sure you all want an update on our fire.  We have met with the Insurance Adjuster and Building Inspector, found out that the exhaust hood is not up to code, which we having been waiting to see if the insurance was going to cover. Good News! It is.  The quote process has started. We should have that completed this coming week.  We will get these forwarded to the Insurance Adjuster and keep you posted on when construction can start.

We cannot use the oven, stove top or deep fryer.  Basil is going to do his best to have food on Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday’s.  It will be very limited but we’ll continue until reconstruction is finished.  Please keep an eye out for emails and on our sign for what is being served. 

We have moved the dock removal to Saturday, October 20th and Sunday, October 21st if needed.  Becky Whitacre of Small Landscaping has donated a Kubota and driver to help with lifting the piers out of the water. 

Per our by-laws in the October meeting a nominating slate is presented to the Board.  This year we had two slates presented:

First Slate                                                                   Second Slate

Commodore –         Jim Greene                                 Ron Weszely

Vice Commodore – Jed Runnels                                Jeff Matusik

Treasurer –             Peg Minich-Greene                     Sandy Allshouse

Secretary –             Lori Cooper                                 Jerry Craven

Rear Commodore-  Angie Schroeder                         Larry Reaves

Board Member –     Rod Woodham                            Bill Quick

Board Member –     Michael St. Arnaud                     Bill Yoder

Board Member-                                                           Phil Dorge

Past Commodore-   Lori Cooper                                 Lori Cooper


At the November Meeting the slates will be posted on the bulletin boards.
Then at the December meeting there will be a membership vote on each position.
  This will require members to actually complete a ballot of which officers who they want for 2019.

Remember this is our club, anyway you can help,
will help our club to be “A Better Place to Be”.

See you at the Club!

Your Commodore - Lori Cooper
LaPorte Yacht Club